Nevada State Development Corporation assists with $466,020 financing package

Vision Home Mortgage opened its doors in the heady days of the year 2000. Founders Angee Pompa and Holly Brown saw an ideal opening, with attractive conditions throughout the real estate market and seemingly everyone looking to buy a home.

“Because we put so much energy into customer service, we did particularly well with first-time buyers,” Pompa said. “To this day, we consider ourselves expert at walking our customers through what can be a daunting process.”

After weathering the highs and lows of the real estate market since the firm’s inception, Vision Home Mortgage recently closed on $466,020 in financing for the purchase with improvements of the company’s headquarters at 223 North Pecos Road, Unit 120, Henderson.

Nevada State Development Corporation, the state’s leading SBA 504 loan provider, helped facilitate the financing package, which included a $193,000 SBA loan. Plaza Bank assisted with the financing package as well.

“Being a survivor is one of the most important experiences that an entrepreneur can claim,” said Debra Alexandre, president of Nevada State Development Corporation. “Angee Pompa and Holly Brown not only managed to keep it together through some trying times in the real estate market, but they managed to grow Vision Home Mortgage from two employees to 14 employees in 2017. Owning their business headquarters will give them control over their future. No one can raise their rent. No one can dictate terms on their office building.”

Vision Home Mortgage made it through some stormy times with Southern Nevada’s infamously sharp downtown in the housing market. The firm’s founders take pride in the fact that their business was able to survive the mortgage meltdown as Southern Nevada became the nation’s foreclosure capital. They credit their success to serving their customers with honesty, integrity and competence.

“Throughout all of it, we at Vision Home Mortgage kept a longer view,” Pompa said. “We stayed focused on the fact that Las Vegas was Las Vegas. There was always a genuine community here that people wanted to be part of, and we knew that it was only a matter of time until the turnaround came.”

Vision Home Loans offers a wide array of home loan programs including FHA home loans, conventional loans and programs for first-time home buyers. They have built relationships throughout the Las Vegas Valley with Realtors, bankers and previous customers. They rely on social media and online platforms such as Redfin and Zillow to increase business.

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