Located in southwest Las Vegas, Progressive Health Center is a chiropractic practice dedicated to helping its patients achieve optimum wellness and performance by integrating the most advanced, innovative and evidence-based treatments available. The practice is not only on the cutting edge of chiropractic care with dedicated healthy patients, the chiropractic practice was also the first business in the State of Nevada to take advantage of the all-time historically low 4.28% interest rate offered by the Small Business Administration’s 504 program.

Nevada State Development Corporation (NSDC), the largest SBA 504 loan provider in the State of Nevada, assisted with the financing of Progressive Health Center’s building located at 5568 S. Fort Apache Rd.

After leasing the 4,444-square foot, free-standing building for five years and researching finance options with NSDC, Dr. Michael Sobran purchased the building and financed it through JP Morgan Chase and the SBA. The SBA loan made the purchase easier than ever with NSDC, Dr. Sobran was able to secure the loan with just 10% down.
Dr. Sobran started his own practice in December 2007. He grew to the point he had the opportunity to purchase the building. “With this loan which was arranged with the help of Nevada State Development Corporation, our practice is on a very strong financial footing,” said Dr. Sobran. “It’s pretty clear we were able to buy at the bottom of the market, and as a result, the business is accumulating equity. There are obvious tax advantages moving forward and our monthly payment has actually been reduced. The biggest change is that, as owners, we have control of our financial future. For the first time since we opened our doors, there is no threat of a rent increase.”

To schedule an appointment or for more information, visit www.progressivehealthctr.com or call 702-LIFE (5433).