Nevada State Development Corporation (NSDC) partnered with Cindy Buchanan to bring long time Reno transport business, Capurro Trucking a bigger share of the market. Capurro Trucking has been a mainstay of the Reno transportation business for more than 16 years. The business also operates a location in Carlin, Nevada, 30 miles west of Elko, Nevada. Capurro’s 125 employees focus on serving the construction industry and the team has carved a successful niche in working with construction companies throughout the region.

When the economic downturn hit Nevada, Capurro suffered its fair share of bruises, but the company was quick to react and credits its strong working relationship with the local business community especially Peterbilt Truck Parts and Les Schwab for help in weathering the financial storm. Ultimately, it was a sizeable contract with Barrick Mining that breathed new life into Capurro. The new contract with the mining giant lead Capurro to begin buying equipment and hiring once again. Capurro hired drivers. Capurro hired mechanics, and new administrative staff members were added. The company grew, and Barrick added to its contract.

When national money started flowing for reinvestment in infrastructure, paving roads and highways, Capurro was back on its feet and needing to expand. The chief hurdle was closing on the right headquarters for the now growing company. Buchanan of Nevada State Bank brought in Lenny See from Nevada State Development Corporation, and Lenny went to work on a new financial package for Capurro that would allow the company to relocate just across the street from their original location.

Lenny and the team at NSDC were able to break the application down into a simple, less time consuming process that was much easier than the Chief Financial Officer, Mary Martini at Capurro had ever imagined. Mary says the request for loan information was turned into an easy to use checklist that was easy to use. Mary said, “If I had a similarly situated friend in business, I would say ‘do it’. I would recommend it to anyone, as a matter of fact I have. The loan through Nevada State Bank and NSDC made us a far more balanced company. Now we plan on growing.”