Nevada State Development Corporation facilitates $1.26 million finance package for newly renovated downtown Las Vegas law office

The Firm, a Professional Law Corporation, has established an extraordinary reputation as a boutique legal practice designed to provide a wide range of legal services to Southern Nevada residents.

The founder, Preston Rezaee, Esq., is a busy man these days, having established Vegas Legal Magazine, one of Southern Nevada’s premier glossy magazines. Recent cover stories have featured President-elect Trump, Hillary Clinton, former Mayor Oscar Goodman, and District Attorney Steve Wolfson.

Rezaee recently closed financing on a $1.26 million loan package to purchase a new headquarters at 630 S. 3rd Street in downtown Las Vegas. The package includes a $495,000 low-interest SBA loan arranged with the assistance of Nevada State Development Corporation, the state’s largest SBA loan provider.

The new headquarters is in a prime location about one block from the Regional Justice Center and the Foley Federal Building.

“I have always tried to take the broader perspective, and I knew that in order to control the destiny of The Firm and the magazine, we could no longer lease our offices,” Rezaee said. “We would have to do a better job controlling our monthly overhead and that meant owning. We turned to Nevada State Development Corporation, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

The building was emblematic of much of downtown Las Vegas real estate: It had solid bones, but prior to renovation it was hopelessly out of date regarding the interior and creature comforts.

Rezaee worked with Paola Gonzalez, Vice President/Business Development Officer, and Vilinh Lu, Vice President/Senior Loan Officer at NSDC.

“He had a vision to completely renovate from top to bottom, using his own design ideas and coming up with a truly professional environment that speaks volumes on how The Firm does business.,” Gonzalez said.

Lu said: “This is why I say the NSDC team has the best jobs in Las Vegas. We put a business person in a position to invest in a huge way in their own operations. Instead of a rent check, he’s gaining equity. Instead of 20 or 30 percent down, this took only 10 percent down. And instead of settling for a class C interior, we were able to provide a loan that allowed all of the tenant improvements to become part of the main loan. It was a win-win all the way around — a beautiful place, and look what it’s done for downtown Las Vegas.”

The Firm’s motto is “Big Firm Power, Small Firm Care and Attention.” The practice’s attorneys seek to maintain a personal bond with each client with the goal of forming lifelong attorney-client relationships. Their aggressive litigation style places clients’ best interests at the forefront of every legal matter, from traffic tickets to criminal jury trials to multimillion-dollar business deals.

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