ROGER KADZ, Vice President/Business Development Officer With Nevada State Development Corporation, TO RETIRE MARCH 31

Financial industry veteran’s illustrious career spanned five decades

Roger Kadz, who earned an extraordinary reputation for his passion, expertise and professionalism in the banking and commercial real estate field, will retire as vice president and business development officer with Nevada State Development Corporation on March 31.

Kadz’s retirement brings to a close an exceptional career that covered five decades, countless happy clients and unparalleled proficiency in the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program. Kadz was responsible for the formulation of numerous multimillion-dollar loan packages, including several in the eight-figure range.

Kadz pointed out that he is leaving on an extremely high note, as the Northern Nevada business environment is virtually quivering with unprecedented levels of electricity and excitement.

“The big thing that is going on in the Reno area and Northern Nevada, of course, is all the energy generated from the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, the major announcement that the Tesla Gigafactory will be located there, and the huge Switch data center campus,” Kadz said. “We’re eagerly anticipating several more big announcements that could be coming out any day now. All of this activity serves to spur business and economic development in the region, which is a crucial part of our mission at Nevada State Development Corporation.”

Kadz, who joined NSDC in October 2013 after serving as an executive with several regional and community banks, said he received tremendous satisfaction from assisting a wide range of small business owners as they worked to build their companies.

In fiscal 2016 alone, Kadz brought 26 loan approvals to NSDC that amounted to a total of more than $12 million.

“From my end, it’s been gratifying to work with such a great cross section of business owners, from plumbers to restaurateurs, as well as electricians, heating contractors, a sign shop, woodworks, several architects, and the list goes on,” Kadz said. “Another fun thing for me, being based in the northern section of the state, was establishing contacts out in the rural counties — the Winnemucca and Elko regions in particular. We’ve done quite a few deals in those areas.”

Before coming on board with NSDC, Kadz served as senior vice president with Plumas Bank and as senior vice president with First National Bank of Nevada. He also had experience with First Interstate Bank of Nevada, Bank of the West, Nevada Security Bank and Comstock Bank.

Kadz, who earned a B.A. at University of Redlands and attended UCLA for income property analysis and appraisal courses, was based in Las Vegas from 1987 to 1990 before moving to Reno. While in Las Vegas, he was responsible for putting together a highly successful $28 million financing package for Sun City Summerlin. In Reno, he underwrote a $45 million loan for development and construction of a 375-unit condominium project.

Upon his arrival at NSDC, Kadz relied on his extensive experience in the industry to begin compiling a directory of commercial real estate brokers and other professionals in the field — a resource that has been highly praised, widely recognized and frequently requested.

“For me, it’s always been about maintaining relationships,” Kadz said. “Meet and greet your clients. Look them in the eye. Do a lot of listening. Listen to their needs, and be a resource to help them achieve their goals.”