Southern Nevada Family Medicine

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Dr. Amir Nicknam founded his practice, Southern Nevada Family Medicine, in 2008. Along with his wife, Dr. Sana Safaei, Dr. Nicknam provides many services and a caring atmosphere for his patients. These services include, but are not limited to, in depth physicals, chronic disease treatments, child and adult immunizations and routine follow-up visits.

Prior to relocating to Las Vegas, Dr. Nicknam served his residency in Chicago, IL and Cleveland, OH. Although the practice already had an existing office in the Las Vegas Valley, Dr. Nicknam wanted the freedom and autonomy of owning his own building.

After much research, he decided that the SBA 504 program was best suited to his needs. Dr. Nicknam found the application process extremely easy with the support of the NSDC staff. He states, “I wish more business owners would take advantage of this program. The support I had along the way was invaluable. I appreciate the attention and service I was given by NSDC and will recommend them to any of my colleagues.”


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