Business Development

Photo of Roger Kadz
Roger Kadz Business Development Officer
Work Phone: 775-770-1205 Cell Phone: 775-842-3819

Loan Processing

Photo of Heather Ashbridge
Heather Ashbridge Lending Assistant
Work Phone: (775) 770-1200
Photo of Sandy Gordon
Sandy Gordon Lending Assistant
Work Phone: 775-770-1202
Photo of Greg McKay
Greg McKay Vice President/Loan Production Manager
Work Phone: (775) 770-1203

Loan Closing

Photo of Stephanie Morris
Stephanie Morris Assistant Vice President/Reno Closing Manager
Work Phone: (775) 770-1206


Photo of Michelle Buck
Michelle Buck Loan Servicing Officer
Work Phone: (775) 770-1204
Photo of Karen Szachara
Karen Szachara Senior Vice President/Portfolio Manager
Work Phone: (775) 770-1201