Business Development

Photo of Carla M. Jewell
Carla M. Jewell Vice President/Business Development Officer
Work Phone: 702-473-6218

Loan Processing

Photo of Paola Gonzalez
Paola Gonzalez Senior Vice President/Senior Credit Officer
Work Phone: 702-473-6201 Cell Phone: 702-349-9227
Photo of Yolie Kelley
Yolie Kelley Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer
Work Phone: (702) 473-6210

Loan Closing

Photo of Jordonna Pearson
Jordonna Pearson Vice President/Las Vegas Closing Manager
Work Phone: (702) 473-6200



Photo of Evan Dickson
Evan Dickson President
Work Phone: (702) 473-6202 Cell Phone: (702) 203-5866
Photo of Rosalind Ross
Rosalind Ross Vice President/Corporate Finance and HR Manager
Work Phone: (702) 473-6207