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Attorneys, Joseph L. Benson II and Benjamin J. Bingham, just funded their SBA 504 Loan with NSDC in December 2009! Their loan was used to purchase a second Commercial Real Estate building to expand and operate their law firm, Benson & Bingham, LLC, which also created 7 jobs for the Las Vegas community. They received an incredibly low interest rate of 4.99%, fixed for 20 years, and were only required to put a 10% down payment. The areas of their law practice is “focused primarily on personal injury, including auto accidents, brain damage and spinal cord, wrongful death and other injury accidents. They also recently launched their own Nursing Home Negligence Center of Nevada, dedicated to helping retired citizens understand and uphold their legal rights. Benson & Bingham is a firm that will make a ‘difference’ in your personal injury matter. They believe in the personal touch and always being fair and reasonable with their clients. No case is too small and no case is too large. Benson & Bingham is committed to Nevada and Las Vegas in the personal injury arena. The firm has affiliations in Utah, California, Northern Nevada, Maryland, and Louisiana.”  Visit their website at

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